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The pros and cons of staffing agencies

The pros and cons of staffing agencies

Staffing agencies are ideal for locating candidates for job openings.  Most staffing agencies out there are designed to handle specialized staffing needs in explicit industries or areas.  The services offered often saves time and resources; however, staffing agencies can also be disadvantageous at times.  Here are the pros and cons of staffing agencies:

PRO: They save time

The process of handling your recruitment needs is fairly uncomplicated when dealing with staffing agencies. All you have to do is notify the agency regarding the caliber and qualifications that are required from your employees and the agency will interview and recruit the staff that you need.  This saves you a significant amount of time that is dedicated to advertising the positions, weeding out prospective candidates and the time spent conducting background and reference checks.

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PRO: They allow test runs

A temporary staffing firm allows you to try your candidate before committing to hiring them permanently. The candidate sent stays at your organization for a predetermined period, which gives you the chance to observe the candidate’s ability to work in your offices and in your office culture alongside other employees.

PRO: They reduce costs

Employees that are provided by a staffing agency are often temporary hires. As such, they do not receive the benefits that your permanent staff typically receives. This alone can save your company large amounts of money for each temporary employee that joins your team.

PRO: They have access to a large network

Most staffing agencies have access to a large network of professional and social connections that will come in handy for the hiring process.  Most recruiters have their pulse on what is important in the industry, which helps to match the right employee to your business.

CON: Training new staff takes time

A staffing agency might be able to provide you with staff in a short time; however, the staff still needs to undergo training to get a thorough understanding of your operations, policies, safety regulations and general rules. Training of any employee, whether temporary or permanent, is absolutely necessary because cutting corners in the training process could end up costing you more that you expected.

CON: You might not be as involved as you want to be

Most businesses usually have to take a step back during the recruitment process because you have to hand over the responsibility to the recruiter. Because of this, it is paramount that you find a recruiter that you can trust and rely on; otherwise, the recruitment process can be hectic, daunting and much more stressful than anticipated.


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