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Technical Staffing – Tips & Hints

Technical Staffing – Tips & Hints

Completing technical staffing for your company requires more than simply being on top of current technology trends, it is often necessary to understand where technology is going in order to find the candidate that can grow effectively in the job.  Follow these tips and you will create a talent pool that can help you fill openings more quickly, saving you time and your company money.


Recruiting is not a desk job

Technology has allowed job seekers and HR staff to accomplish more from behind a desk, but you should not limit recruiting efforts to web-based activities.  Meetings of professional associations and local Meetup groups are excellent resources for top talent.  Attend after-hours social and networking events – better still, have your company sponsor these events.

Look to the future and talk with high school and college students on career day.  Students may not be ready to fill an immediate job opening, but it is not long before their resumes are hitting your inbox.  Identify talent and interest early and you have a better chance at hiring the top of the class after graduation.


Ask current employees

Often the people who work for your company are the best resource for passive and active candidates.  They know others in the field through memberships in professional associations and by knowing their counterparts working for competitors.

When a company treats their employees well, word gets around.  Give employees even more incentive by offering a finders fee for good talent.

Hire a candidate who is a good fit and train later

Forget the laundry list of must-have skills.  An ideal candidate on paper rarely exists, or already works for someone else and is not interested in leaving the security of the current employer. Instead, search for someone who fits the company culture and who will work well with your current team.  Hire for only the most critical skills and train for the rest.

Remain active in your community

Take your professional activities a step further and be personally active in your community.  Get involved with organizations and volunteer in activities for which you feel a great deal of passion.  It will show and the good will you create through these activities will extend to your professional life.

Take the time to write fresh ads

Write fresh ads for each job posting even if you always seem to be hiring for that position.  Make sure your word choice isn’t outdated and that all of the requirements are in agreement with your hiring managers.  Also, try writing variations of your job postings to see which ones get the most responses.

Social media and corporate blogging

It isn’t just your customers paying attention to social media or reading the company blog.  Make sure you use keywords and hash tags that will help job seekers easily find your listing.

Github and Stack Overflow

There are very active communities online where developers hang out and display their talents.  Github and Stack Overflow are two communities that can give you an idea of what potential candidates are able to do.

Keeping a steady stream of qualified candidates knocking on your door takes time, but with a strategic approach and a bit of effort it will get easier and faster to find the right candidate.


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