3 Common Misconceptions About Tech Staffing Firms

3 Common Misconceptions About Tech Staffing Firms

3 Common Misconceptions About Tech Staffing Firms

As the nation opens up post-COVID, tech talent is in high demand from coast to coast. It’s not just within the tech sector either – businesses representing all sorts of industries are looking for skilled engineers, coders, and developers to help with digital transformation, software development, and IT. Tech staffing firms are equipped to help businesses connect with the right people, but outdated views about the recruitment industry are slowing down the process.

Here are a few of the most common misconceptions (and why they are wrong).

Tech staffing firms are expensive

At first glance, it’s easy to see where this one comes from. When you hire through a techy staffing firm, your recruitment costs are upfront and direct. You pay x dollars for your new employee and then y dollars to the staffing agency. It’s easy to think that you can simply reach out to the employee directly, pay x, and keep y in your pocket.

It doesn’t usually work like that. The fee you pay to the staffing agency is for locating the candidate – if it wasn’t for the agency, you (or someone on your team) would be responsible for this work. Once you calculate how many hours your internal team would need to devote to recruitment to find a suitable candidate the equation changes and working with an agency no longer seems expensive.

In many cases, tech staffing firms are actually the most cost-effective option.

Tech staffing firms are a short-term solution

This one is outdated and based mainly on the old 9-5 model when people would spend 40+ years working for one company. Back then, staffing agencies were seen as fast, efficient ways to augment your in-house team during busy periods or specific projects. These days, that’s no longer the case. Tech staffing firms are used for all sorts of hiring and recruitment needs – a good agency can help you place short-term contracts or fill long-term positions.

Tech staffing firms don’t have access to top talent

By far the biggest (and most outdated) misconception of all relates to the quality of agency labor. Historically, based on the 40-year model mentioned above, staffing agencies were where people went when they were between jobs. There was a common misconception that the talent available consisted of people who couldn’t get hired elsewhere.

This was never really true, but it is demonstrably untrue in today’s post-pandemic world. A desire for flexibility and work-life balance, combined with the availability of remote work has changed the industry – skilled candidates are now finding work through tech staffing firms as their first option.

The best way to unlearn these misconceptions about tech staffing firms? Experiencing the benefits of our work first hand.

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