3 Reasons Why Not All Tech Temp Agencies Are The Same

3 Reasons Why Not All Tech Temp Agencies Are The Same

3 Reasons Why Not All Tech Temp Agencies Are The Same

Tech temp agencies are one medium that links job seekers to potential employers, and, while their popularity and significance have been growing, it seems there are still drawbacks that hamper their importance.  Sure, we need tech temp agencies more than they need us, but then again, each group seems to be thriving by its own principles.

Tech temp agencies are measured by the number of people they place and the salary of each person they convert to full-time employees.  It seems like a win-win, but in reality, the tech temp agencies wins while the company oftentimes loses.  That’s just one reason why not all tech temp agencies are the same.

They’re “Differently” Different

Over the recent past, the total number of tech temp agencies, looking to fill the gap between a job seeker and an employer has been tremendously increasing.  All these 100+ firms claim to be different with a distinct process of sourcing candidates, a unique process for reviewing resumes and handing the client the best candidates for the gig.  But, according to notable organizations who have hired different tech temp agencies, that “unique” factor barely has a meaning.

They aren’t really focused on fortifying lasting business relationships

Quite honestly, every company starts by enticing the client using the “We’re focused on reinforcing lasting business relationships with you” cliché.  In fact, “our bureau has no match in this locality” seem to dominate every tech temp agency’s matra.  They’ll go ahead to promise how the final candidates will bridge the existing gap and offer what you probably need – a savvy employee, perfect for your organization’s cultural fit.

Yeah, we have got a proprietary database – But don’t use it well

Of all the phrases synonymous with the tech temp agencies, this phrase is quite as commonplace as you might have heard it.  Sure, they have an extensive list of both interested and qualified candidates to choose from.  But, despite having such a resourceful asset, not all of them lay much emphasis on contacting the candidates the way you, as the client, entrust your confidence on their work.

You will be shocked to notice that owing to the amount of confidence we bestow these tech temp agencies, but being different as they come doesn’t guarantee to give you the most suitable candidate. Most of them are only interested in getting the compensation before disappearing without a trace.

We don’t expect them to be the same, but their candidate screening process ought to exhibit that extra feature your organization does not have.  Rigorous interviewing procedures that include testing the shortlisted candidates as well as having an impressive track record should serve as the primary reasons to hire the tech temp agency.  Remember, all tech employees should have current skills to compete in today’s tech market.

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