Engineering Recruiting Firms – Who are the best, and why?

Engineering Recruiting Firms – Who are the best, and why?

Engineering Recruiting Firms – Who are the best, and why?

Now more than ever, employers in the field of engineering and other technical sectors that require specialized training are relying on engineering recruiting firms.

The benefits of utilizing engineering recruitment firms are varied, including an opportunity to work with the best recruits and the flexibility and availability of most temporary engineers.  Additionally, engineering recruiting firms are an excellent way to inject new points of view and fresh ideas into your operations, potentially growing your business further.

With so many engineering recruiting firms out there for your selection, the process of selecting one can be confusing and daunting.

To help you start the process of selection, here are some of the best engineering recruiting firms and why:

Kelly Engineering Resources

Kelly engineering resources were created in 1946, and it has continued to expand and focus its expertise in various regions of the world.  As such, Kelly is a global recruitment agency.  The agency is a leader in supplying workforce solutions and a wide array of outsourcing and consulting services.  With nearly 500,000 employees worldwide, Kelly is a leader in the field of technical staffing.  Kelly recruits qualified engineers from a range of ABET-accredited programs and from some of the nation’s most reputable engineering schools.


ERG is one of the most recognizable engineering staffing firms in Silicon Valley.  The company prides itself on ensuring that its clients receive the best candidates for the job possible.  Among the industries that ERG serves include IoT (Internet of Things), industrial and energy sectors, and IT services.  Qualified candidates looking for employment opportunities often turn to ERG, which means the agency has a vast pool of eager candidates.  ERG has consolidated its standing in the field of engineering staffing because it does not approach all clients with a similar strategy.  ERG serves each customer or business individually, and the end results are positive and evident.

SYNERFAC Technical Staffing

SYNERFAC technical staffing has been serving clients and businesses since 1987.  SYNERFAC strives to create extraordinary experiences for the companies that seek its services.  The brand is well known for providing reliable technical staffing to various industries in the field of engineering with the aim of enhancing the lives and enterprises of those they work with.  Both job seekers and recruiters will benefit from the many years that SYNERFAC has been successfully operational.

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