Top Programming Language for AI in 2021

Top Programming Language for AI in 2021

Top Programming Language for AI in 2021

Over the past few years, AI has been one of the driving forces in tech innovation and there’s no sign of that slowing down anytime soon. To help you take advantage of this development and identify the best programming language for AI, we’ve put together a list of 2021’s top contenders. Enjoy!

2021’s Top Programming Language for AI

  • Python

As one of the fastest-growing programming languages, Python boats a large pool of developers, robust community support, and updated libraries. It is increasingly being utilized for IoT, machine learning, and AI projects.

  • Java

When evaluating the best programming language for AI, Java gets a seat at the table based on its versatility and ease of use. With thousands of user-generated tutorials online, it’s a great beginner-friendly option.

  • Lisp

What Lisp lacks in features it makes up for with history – it was developed in the 1950s and pre-dates the term Artificial Intelligence. Lisp directly influenced several of the other programming languages on the list.

  • Prolog

Prolog boasts advanced pattern matching capabilities and is widely used for non-numerical programming, theorem proving, and natural language processing. This makes it a favored option among veteran AI coders.

  • C++

C++’s claim to fame is its speed, and this extends to its viability as the best programming language for AI. It has libraries that speed up the execution of complex algorithms and is great for building high-productivity apps.

  • R

R is newer than a lot of the other programming languages on this list, and it was designed to be a viable programming language for AI. R was purpose-built for crunching numbers and dealing with statistical data.

  • Julia

Like R, Julia was designed with data analysis in mind, making it a great programming language for AI coders in 2021. Julia is open-source, and it is used by some prominent industry leaders across the globe.

  • JavaScript

JavaScript may not be commonly referenced as a top programming language for AI but don’t let that fool you. This popular coding language is one of the easiest to learn and boasts a large online development community for troubleshooting.

What’s your favorite programming language for AI? Is it on the list above or have we missed the mark? Let us know in the comments below.

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