Filling an Engineering Job in Denver? Here’s Some of Our Best Recruiting Advice

Filling an Engineering Job in Denver? Here’s Some of Our Best Recruiting Advice

Filling an Engineering Job in Denver? Here’s Some of Our Best Recruiting Advice

Even at the best of times, recruiting for engineering positions in Denver can be difficult. Today, thanks to the ongoing COVID-19 situation, finding the right engineer is even tougher than usual. That’s why we decided to compile a few of our favorite tips into a handy list. Here is some of the best recruiting advice for engineers.

Know what skills you need and recruit accordingly

There are all sorts of different types of engineers out there, but even amongst those with the same title, there are considerable differences. If you are recruiting for a software engineer, for example, try to limit your search to just those candidates with experience in the specific programs you are working with. If you don’t know enough about the role to do this, it can be helpful to ask one of your current engineers for assistance or to reach out to a specialized engineering recruitment company like Expect.

Understand things from the engineers perspective

It’s no secret that the economic fallout from COVID-19 has caused some serious headaches for business owners, but things have been tough for workers too. Exploiting and underpaying temporarily out of work engineers is not likely to yield positive results.

With that said, there is an advantage to be found here: lots of skilled engineers have been laid off over the past few months, and many are going to bide their time before diving back into a long-term commitment. The candidate pool for skilled workers willing to take temporary engineering contracts is deeper than it normally would be.

Think outside the box

We will outlast this pandemic, but some of the changes it has brought are here to stay. From remote work to handshake-free meetings, it’s a safe bet that recruiting and engineering will both look different for years to come. To attract the best engineering candidates Denver has to offer, make it clear that you plan to be around for the long-haul, and are taking steps to future-proof your operations. It’s not always possible for privately-owned businesses to compete on salary, but after the events of 2020, the best engineering talents might be more interested in flexible scheduling, remote work opportunities, and improved benefits.

Hopefully, these recruiting best practices help your Denver business fill your engineering positions. If you still need help, feel free to reach out anytime.

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