The Best Recruiting Strategies for Filling Engineering Positions in Colorado

The Best Recruiting Strategies for Filling Engineering Positions in Colorado

The Best Recruiting Strategies for Filling Engineering Positions in Colorado

It is tough to find anything positive to say about the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, but if there is a silver lining for employers it’s that there has been an influx of skilled candidates hitting the job market. Established companies have been laying off long-term employees in record numbers. With many of the best engineering talents in Colorado currently jobless, smaller companies have a unique opportunity.

Best recruiting strategies for engineering colorado

Here are some of the best practices for recruiting skilled engineers in Colorado: 

Highlight how you are different when recruiting engineering talent

Many smaller companies take a “fake it until you make it” approach and attempt to mimic the style of big corporations. Dress for the job you want, not the job you have.

In normal times, this is not a bad idea, but we are not living in normal times. An engineer that has been laid off from a major corporation through no fault of his/her own is not going to be looking for more of the same. Use the fact that you are a smaller company as an advantage when recruiting top talent.

Show off the ways that you embrace the future

When it comes to recruiting engineers, new technology is the ultimate bait. Updated computer systems, solar panels, automation – if there is an interesting or innovative component to your operations, display that front and center. In general, engineers enjoy at least some aspects of the work they do. New or unique challenges might not be the deciding factor, but they can certainly help bolster your recruiting efforts.

Use Colorado’s many selling points to your advantage

Like Silicon Valley and Seattle, Colorado offers employees access to vibrant city life in close proximity to limitless outdoor adventure. Unlike the aforementioned, Colorado provides this without breaking the bank. Skilled engineers that have been laid off in expensive housing markets are now more likely to relocate than ever before. Take advantage of this, and highlight all the great things Colorado has to offer.

Be honest and straightforward

Sometimes the best answer is also the simplest. By outlining what your company is about and breaking down the specifics of the role, you’ll make the recruiting process easier for everyone and increase the likelihood of finding the right fit. This should help your recruiting efforts in 2020 but is also evergreen advice that always pays off in the long run.

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