Best Tech Companies in Colorado in 2021 | Best to Work With

Best Tech Companies in Colorado in 2021 | Best to Work With

Best Tech Companies in Colorado in 2021 | Best to Work With

Top 10 Tech Companies in Colorado

Technology is all about moving forward – if you think Silicon Valley and Seattle have a monopoly on the industry, you’re already behind the curve. Tech isn’t just flashy apps – it encompasses aerospace, telecom infrastructure, and electronics too.

Over the past decade, tech hotspots have been popping up all over the country, including right here in Colorado. To highlight this, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 tech companies in Colorado below.

Top Tech Companies in Colorado for 2021

  1. Lockheed Martin Space

This aerospace, defense, and technology giant might be headquartered in the DC suburbs but Lockheed Martin Space, one of four company divisions, is based in Denver and boasts operations throughout the state.

  1. Arrow Electronics Inc

Though founded in Manhattan back in 1935, this Fortune-500 electronic component distributor has been based in Centennial, Colorado since 2011 – a great example of our ability to attract tech dollars.

  1. CH2M Hill/Jacobs Engineering Group

Engineering consulting company CH2M Hill was headquartered in Englewood, Colorado until 2017…when it was purchased by Jacobs Engineering Group for a cool $3.27 billion in cash and stock.

  1. CSGI

Multinational corporation CSGI is a leading global supplier of innovative business support software for the telecom industry. It’s based just outside Denver in Greenwood Village, Colorado.

  1. Jeppesen

A subsidiary of Boeing, Jeppeson specializes in aerospace logistics and software. Headquartered in Arapahoe County, Colorado, the company has offices in Germany, Italy, the UK, Poland, Sweden, and Australia.

  1. Woodward

Woodward was founded in Rockford, Illinois back in 1870 but is now based in Fort Collins. One of the top tech companies in Colorado, this aircraft engine control system giant boasts 42 plants across 12 different countries.

  1. WideOpenWest

With around 850,600 subscribers, WideOpenWest, or WOW! as they are commonly known, is the 6th largest cable provider in the country. WOW! was founded in Denver 25 years ago and remains there today.

  1. Zayo Group

Founded in Delaware and currently based in Boulder, Zayo Group is one of the country’s top communications infrastructure service providers and one of the most successful tech companies in Colorado.

  1. Bresnan Communications/Optimum West

At one point one of the largest tech companies in Colorado, cable provider Bresnan Communications was bought out by Cablevision in 2010, and then again by Charter Communications in 2013.

  1. Automox

No list of tech companies in Colorado is complete without Automox. This Cloud-native patch management platform is based in Boulder and fully equipped to meet today’s complex IT demands.

Due to the nature of the industry and the acquisition of several key players, the list of top tech companies in Colorado will likely look completely different next year – leave us your recommendations for future inclusion in the comments!

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