Best Zoom Interview Tips for Job Interview

Best Zoom Interview Tips for Job Interview

Best Zoom Interview Tips for Job Interview

Over the past few years, technology has drastically altered the way new employees get hired. Across the country, aspects of the long, drawn-out interview process have been replaced by Zoom interviews. To help you keep pace ace your next zoom interview, we’ve put together a collection of Zoom interview tips.

Best Zoom Interview Tips

  1. Research the Company

Like an in-person interview, you want to make sure you research the company you are interviewing to get a feel for the company and prepare questions.

  1. Ensure Internet Connectivity

You wouldn’t drive to a physical interview with an empty tank. Don’t attempt a Zoom interview without checking your Wi-Fi connection or data coverage.

  1. Test Your Mic in Advance

Like internet connectivity, a reliable microphone is essential for your Zoom interview. A faulty mic will delay the process and likely cost you the position.

  1. Position Your Webcam

Make sure that your webcam is positioned in a way that keeps you focused in the frame with no distracting or inappropriate content visible in the background.

  1. Choose the Right Background

If you’re in a shared or public space, Zoom has a number of virtual backgrounds that are perfect for job interviews and other professional settings.

  1. Check the Lighting

Try to conduct your interview in a room with adequate natural light. If this isn’t possible, try to replicate this with different lighting solutions and desk lamps.

  1. Choose a Distraction-Free Space

If you have an office or personal workspace, close the door and request privacy. If you need to be in public, a quiet coffee shop is better than a noisy park.

  1. Look into the Camera (Not the Screen)

One of the most important (and overlooked) Zoom interview tips is the positioning of your eyes. You want to look into the camera rather than at your screen.

  1. Dress for the Interview

Another one of the most overlooked Zoom interview tips is the dress code. You should dress as you would if the interview was held in person – if it’s a remote company, there will be plenty of time to work in your PJs after you get hired.

  1. Be Confident

Employers want to fill their ranks with confident, ambitious team members. Show confidence to optimize your chances of getting hired.

The bottom line:

At the end of the day, you’ll be hired based on your skills, experience, and personality. These Zoom interview tips won’t guarantee success – but they will help you avoid taking yourself out of the running.

Good luck with your interview!

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