Mechanical staffing agencies -how to choose a great provider

Mechanical staffing agencies -how to choose a great provider

Mechanical staffing agencies -how to choose a great provider

Your company usually has a handful of mechanical staffing agencies to choose from, but partnering with the wrong one can mean limited choices, poor service, and inflated fees.  However, choosing the right provider can give your company an edge in a competitive market.  As the number of mechanical staffing agencies continue to flood the industry, the decision can be overwhelming, which can blur your judgement and take extra time.

In order to take full advantage of the value of contract and full-time/perm employees, companies should make certain that they have the best outside resource providers to be successful.  More importantly, it’s vital to evaluate whether or not a new employee can fit into the organizational culture.  With that in mind, here are some tips to consider before choosing the right mechanical staffing agency:

Find a specialized firm

The process of selecting the right staffing vendor primarily depends on the caliber of positions that the organization requires.  If your company needs a unique skillset; in this case, a veteran mechanical engineer, project manager, or VP-level exec, it’s better to select a vendor that specializes in these skill sets and experience levels.  Additionally, such mechanical staffing agencies tend to attract more qualified candidates compared to others, because they tend to have a strong reputation in their industry.

The fee structure and the guarantees

It is advisable to ask about the mechanical staffing agency’s fees, as well as the placement guarantees offered.  Typically, the staffing agency will help determine the compensation that the employee receives, especially for contract assignments.  Some mechanical staffing agencies charge a flat placement fee while other companies charge based on the percentages of the potential employee’s wages.  It’s best to have an understanding of all the details of the overall costs before settling on a specific mechanical staffing agency.


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