3 things to consider when choosing a technical temp agency

3 things to consider when choosing a technical temp agency

3 things to consider when choosing a technical temp agency

You may have heard that there are some real advantages of using a specialized technical temp agency to meet your company’s hiring needs.  Rather than attempting to hire new employees on your own, you can save time and money by hiring the help of a technical temp agency.

However, choosing the right provider can prove to be difficult, especially when the market is saturated by other providers claiming to offer the best service.  If you have never dealt with a technical temp agency before, it may appear that they’re all basically the same.  However, your service experience and expertise may vary and ultimately affect which temp agency you select.

Here are 3 things to consider when choosing a technical temp agency:

The reputation and the reach of the technical temp agency

Before you settle on one technical temp agency, it’s always advisable to independently check the agency’s reputation.  It’s easy for a temp agency to claim that they are the best at what they do, but can they back their claims up?

In order to gain access to the best candidates, you will need a temp agency that has been in your industry long enough to establish a network of valuable connections and an enduring reputation.

The agency must be able to develop a rapport to attract the most qualified candidates or to peak the interest of the best passive candidates.  Technical temp agencies that are confident in their work will not feel the pressure to hire just anyone in a bid to keep their client happy but instead will take the time to recruit the best candidates available.  Besides its reputation, the agency’s reach also matters because it means that the company can tap into various other resources, even when the situation looks bleak.

A specialized position requires a specialized firm.

The more specialized the position you need to fill, the more likely it is that you will need a specialized technical temp agency to supply you with qualified candidates.  In most cases, candidates with a particular skill set are usually in high demand, making it competitive to attract and retain.  A specialized firm can target a greater number of well-trained candidates compared to the caliber of employees that a generalist firm gives.  A specialized technical temp agency has broad networks and industry knowledge that awards them an edge, which assists them in finding the top talent before any of your other competitors do.

Don’t let the numbers fool you.

You might be tempted to use a large staffing firm over a boutique technical temp agency, thinking that a larger agency can meet the demand for more workers.  Rather than look at the number of workers the temp agency has, you should concentrate on the number of successful placements that have been made.

An agency’s success is a strong measure of its effectiveness in placing and finding the right person for the job.  Therefore, when choosing an agency, be sure to find out how many candidates have been placed successfully to help you determine if the technical temp agency is the right fit for you.

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