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3 Tricks Civil Engineering Recruiters Use to Identify Top Candidates

3 Tricks Civil Engineering Recruiters Use to Identify Top Candidates

From roads, railways, bridges, and dams, civil engineers are essential to all sorts of important infrastructure projects in both the private and public sector. Skilled civil engineers are always in high demand, but due to the broad, expansive nature of the work that they do, it can be difficult to find the perfect engineer for your specific project.

Here are some strategies civil engineering recruiters use to make sure they get the right man or woman for the job.

Narrow Down the Search

If this sounds straight forward, that’s only because it is…

One thing that separates civil engineering recruiters from more general staffing agencies is our ability to quickly narrow down the search. A structural engineer with practical experience working on rural bridges for the state might not be the best fit for a city looking to repair a massive urban freeway. Experience with roadwork and highway construction doesn’t necessarily translate to success engineering dams, water mains or storm drainage.

Civil engineering recruiters are experts at narrowing down the candidate list quickly while ensuring that the most viable candidates aren’t excluded out of hand.

Focus on Soft Skills

Soft skills are important across all industries, and civil engineering is no different.

Engineering involves more than just infrastructure. Candidates across the board need to demonstrate good organizational skills, communication abilities, and time-management. For certain positions, leadership qualities may also be important. Civil engineering recruiters balance a candidate’s technical ability, work history and education level with these soft skills in order to increase the likelihood of a successful hire.

Discuss Work History & Educational Background

Notice how it says ‘discuss’, rather than analyze or evaluate? That’s not by accident.

The perfect engineer for your needs might not have graduated from the most prestigious school or worked on the biggest projects, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t perfectly suited to the role you are hiring for.

A resume is a helpful tool for assessment, but good civil engineering recruiters know that evaluating a candidate’s true potential involves a much deeper dive into their skills, abilities, and experience. By asking the right question, it is possible to identify dark horse candidates with the ability to deliver excellent results at a cost-effective salary.

Need help staffing a civil engineering job? Our team of skilled engineering recruiters are available to review your job description.

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