Common Technical Staffing Problems for Start-Up Businesses

Common Technical Staffing Problems for Start-Up Businesses

Common Technical Staffing Problems for Start-Up Businesses


Wondering what are the technical staffing problems faced by start-ups?

The American start-up scene is booming, and we aren’t just talking about Silicon Valley, Austin, and Seattle. Start-ups are just as likely to be based out of cities like Denver/Boulder, Brooklyn or Chicago, or smaller, less-expensive cities like Salt Lake City, Portland, or Dallas/Fort Worth. Today, it is possible to start a new business from just about anywhere, but technical staffing has always been a challenge to matter your company size.

While it is certainly possible to get started with a great idea, a little bit of seed money, and a lot of hard work, founders quickly realize that finding new employees can consume most of your time, especially in a competitive job market like here in Denver Colorado.

Here are some common technical staffing problems we can help start-ups solve:

Securing talented candidates that don’t break the bank

Winning an NBA championship would be easy if all teams had to do was identify the absolute best players in the world and open the vault for them. Google can run their business by buying top talent, but odds are your company cannot.

The right technical staffing strategy for start-ups and small businesses typically involves finding the best talent for a specific role within a set budget. We help start-ups identify the complementary pieces that can help take the company to the next level without breaking the bank.

Technical staffing problems -Finding the right culture fit

Technical staffing is about more than just analyzing hard skills. It is important that candidates are assessed for culture fit too.

As with the previous point, the objective skill of your candidate is not as important as their subjective fit with your existing team. The best programmer in the world is not going to be much benefit if he or she is a constant source of friction within the office.

Easing the transition as you scale

One major technical staffing issue that start-ups tend to run into is the flexibility, or lack thereof, of hired talent.

Working as a bootstrapped start-up, many smaller companies are accustomed to multi-tasking and wearing many hats at work. Contractors, even long-term ones, are often the exact opposite. They tend to view themselves as hired guns, responsible for handling a clearly defined, specialized scope of work. With a technical staffing agency, companies can get a steady stream of short-term specialists that offer the best of both worlds –long-term flexibility for the company and short-term focus for the contractor.

 This was our brief guide on technical staffing problems, want to learn more? See our blog post on Effective Engineering Recruiter Tips For 2019


  1. I really enjoy reading what you write. Sometimes it flows as nicely as poetry: “The objective skill of your candidate is not as important as their subjective fit with your existing team.”

    Also, as a former Executive Recruiter and Employment Consultant, I cannot agree with you more in that a technical staffing agency can be a great option not only for startups but in fact, for anyone who is looking for a steady stream of short-term specialists. A tech staffing agency can be the best solution in order to get the best of both worlds: Long-term flexibility and short-term focus for the employee of the staffing agency.

    Great quick read! Thank you 🙂

    1. Hi Mandy, thank you very much for the wonderful comment. We appreciate it!

      We have worked with a number of start-ups over the years and one common theme I see is they are so busy 7 days a week and just do not have the time to source resumes. And these days providers like Indeed and ZIP Recruiter simply don’t work. All the good people don’t need to search for jobs! The job offers come to them!

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