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Finding Jobs just got easier…

One of the most exciting (and rapidly growing) career opportunities for engineers is in computer vision. At Expect, we help talented Electrical Engineers, Software Engineers, and Computer Scientists find Computer Vision Jobs in Colorado and other cities across the United States.

Whether you’re an experienced Engineer looking for a new position, or a Masters or PhD graduate seeking to apply your advanced degree, we have a wide range of great employers looking for your exact skill set. If you’re working on an OPT, EAD, or F1 Visa, we have clients that can help originate H1B Visas for computer vision engineering jobs.

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Skills You Need

With the skyrocketing demand for filling professional computer vision jobs, many established engineers and recent graduates want to know what job skills are required to land a key role. Some computer vision skills will be unique to the position (image segmentation, object detection, etc.), but others are more universal:

Computer vision engineers need to have advanced mathematics and algebra skills, as well as an understanding of programming language syntax (ideally Python). You also need to be able to apply deep learning research to real-world problems.

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Jobs Overview

Over the past decade, the rising prevalence of machine learning and AI has dramatically changed the job market in the United States. During this time, jobs have become vital to the daily operations (and continued success) of leading companies within many organizations.

As a result, software engineers and computer scientists are now increasingly looking for open computer vision positions and we expect this trend to continue well into the 2020s.

Our Jobs

At Expect, we help you find jobs that are perfectly aligned with your skills, education level, and career ambitions. In general, the positions we source fall into three categories: Machine Learning Jobs, Artificial Intelligence Jobs, and Robotics Jobs. To view all of our current job openings, click here.

Expected Salary

Though computer vision jobs are exciting in their own right, many engineers are looking at open computer vision engineering positions for a much simpler reason: the jobs in this department usually pay well.

In the United States, computer vision engineers can expect to earn over $100,000 relatively quickly. The average salary for computer vision engineering jobs in Denver is around $145,000, and it’s even higher in places like Seattle, New York, and San Francisco.