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Contractor Staffing

  • Does your engineering, IT, or software development team need a contractor for a 3, 6, or 12 month assignment?
  • Are you needing an outside resource provider to assume workers comp fee’s, employee liability insurance, department of labor & employment fee’s, and handle payroll?

What To Expect

Our team of experienced technical recruiters have deep industry knowledge and contacts to quickly connect you with well qualified professionals for contract assignments.

What We Provide

  • Professional contractors for engineering, IT, software development and many other technical specializations with 5 to 20 (or more) years of experience
  • We cover workers comp, employee liability insurance, department of labor fee’s, and any other insurance your company requires
  • We handle all payroll responsibilities for our contractors
  • We provide local, regional, and national coverage

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Using Expect for Contractor Staffing

Most business owners and hiring manager realize the importance of having the right people in their core work groups. However, it’s not always possible for the hiring managers to spend their time screening resumes and scheduling interviews.  Our contractor staffing services provide you with top-notch technical staff quickly that meets your critical requirements.

Contractor Staffing Solutions with a Difference

When your organization needs to ramp up the workforce quickly or needs people with key skills and expertise, the best approach is to press the button for contractor staffing.  Expect Technical Staffing has the right channels and network to connect with professional contractors who can jump in and fill critical workforce gaps without burdening your organization with the necessity of hiring full-time/perm employees.

What makes Expect the Go-To Solution for Contractor Staffing?

We understand your business, and have experience of working with contractors and organizations that use their services.  Trust us to handle all payroll management responsibilities when you on-board a contractor through us.  Plus, we handle important insurance requirement such as worker compensation and employee liability insurance.

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