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Direct Hire Placements

  • Are you having trouble finding just the right fit for your requirements and company culture?
  • Does the process of screening resumes and scheduling phone interviews take time away from your core job functions?

We help hiring managers, HR teams, and business owners complete their technical staffing for those hard-to-fill positions.  We cover direct-hire placements ranging from entry-level to exec-level, with local and national coverage.

What To Expect

  • Our fee for successful placements is usually 15-30% of first year salary depending on the type of position and the recruiting campaign (if needed).  For example, technician positions would be at 15-17%, while engineering positions would be 18-24%, and exec-level positions would be at the 25-30% level.
  • We’ll consult with your team to understand exactly what you’re seeking both for tactical skills and cultural fit, and agree on a rate range appropriate for each position.

Our Capabilities

  • We are experienced at placing executive level management, mid-management, seasoned individual contributors, and entry level associates
  • We have over 4500 pre-screened candidate profiles covering all tech industries and sectors

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Did you know?

The key to being competitive in tech-based markets is having the right people on your teams.  Whether it’s your core engineering-IT professionals-software developers, or your management team – it’s all about having the right people in place.  With Expect Technical Staffing’s expertise in direct-hire placements, you’ll have one less business challenge to worry about, and less risk to your growth.

Why Choose Expect?

We consider ourselves as connectors to talent, rather than brokers of talent.  At Expect Technical Staffing, we want to see your business thrive and succeed, that is why it’s our #1 goal to connect you with the best technical professionals.  Our technical recruiters look beyond the resume and ensure that we connect your company to a pool of qualified candidates who can fit into your unique company culture.

The Expect Advantage

When you are looking to conduct direct hire placements, you are not really looking for another number to be added to your organization’s head count; you’re actually looking for a person who’s best equipped with certain skills, academic qualifications, and industry experience to solve certain problems and perform certain roles in your company.

Our talent acquisition experts work closely with you to understand your requirements, and connect you with the most suitable people whom you’d love to hire and make parts of your organization or to accomplish a certain project that needs to get done.

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