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We help all types of talented professionals find engineering jobs in many US cities. Whether you’re an experienced engineer looking for a new gig, or just curious to see what’s out there, we love to make connections between those seeking and those hiring. Please complete the form below to get connected with a technical recruiter today.

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Finding engineering jobs

If you’re seeking a new opportunity in another city or perhaps across country, we are a source of engineering jobs not only in Colorado, but in many large US cities. Finding the right alignment of project mix, company culture, management style, and location is the key.

With a clear idea of exactly what you’re seeking, the process for your job search can move more efficiently. Knowing what is best for you eliminates all the background noise and distractions, and enables you to discover the best options.

Our process for finding engineering jobs is client-centric

Companies of all sizes and locations contact EXPECT each week to ask for our help or simply ask for our opinion. It’s not until signed working agreements are in place that we begin to source candidates for the client.

From our pool of available candidates, we select those seeking engineering jobs that best match the client’s requirements. We then filter them and present the client with the best options available. If the client is interested in a candidate, we schedule phone interviews so the hiring manager can begin the process.

To see a list of our active job orders, please click here: Job Listings

New graduates, or candidates with no experience

We have noticed over the years that most clients ask for our help on the really hard-to-fill positions – like those requiring 10 or more years experience, or a very specific certification, or security clearance.

That said, most companies tend to hire entry-level & junior-level positions on their own. Here are our suggestions on how to get in front of the right people.

  1. Make a list of the top 5 companies you’d love to work for and begin adding managers that work there on LinkedIn. When you get connected, send them a message and a resume using LinkedIn messaging.
  2. Another tactic is to not focus on engineering jobs at the really big companies, but instead send your resume to smaller firms that also interest you. This is a good way to get noticed and start building your experience.
  3. And finally don’t get discouraged, finding your first engineering job may take some time. You may have to move to another city that is less desirable, but keep in mind that you have to build your experience before the better choices become available.

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