Effective Engineering Recruiter Tips For 2021

Effective Engineering Recruiter Tips For 2021

Effective Engineering Recruiter Tips For 2021

Looking for Best Engineering Recruiter Tips?

It’s no secret that software engineers, and tech workers in general, were a hot commodity in 2018’s job market, and there is no reason to believe this won’t be the case in 2019. In fact, 2019 could even see the demand for American software engineers increase. As an engineering recruiter, this is obviously tremendous news but there is also a (slight) downside. As the demand for qualified software engineers increases, the competition amongst engineering recruiters grows as more and more people recognize the need for this work.

When trying to source engineering talent, there are a number of obvious methods, but every HR department, hiring manager, and engineering recruiter knows about these common strategies too. Here are a few outside-the-box tips to keep in mind when recruiting engineering talent this year.

Engineering Recruiter = Matchmaker

Repeat after me. An engineering recruiter is not a salesperson. An engineering recruiter is not a salesperson. An engineering recruiter – you get the point.

Because engineers are in high demand, recruiters often aggressively pitch themselves to candidates, but really, that is not the role of the recruiter or the purpose of recruiting. Instead of trying to convince candidates to take your job or placement, you would be better served by simply trying to provide or source the best engineering jobs, then encourage the candidate to sell him or herself to you.

In other words, introduce a great candidate to a great position and watch the sparks fly.

Social Media is your Friend (even if it isn’t your favorite #hobby)

We get it – social media is a melting pot of the lowest common denominator political discourse, deceptive ads, and elaborately staged snapshots of former classmates on holiday in Belize. There are a million reasons to avoid this stuff in your personal life.

Professionally, the opposite is true. When used correctly, social media is a vital tool for engineering recruiters and a quality source of talent. I would recommend leveraging as many platforms as possible, but a fully filled-out LinkedIn profile is almost essential for recruitment in 2019.

Put Yourself Out There (but leave the spam behind)

It is important to turn over as many stones as possible when searching for an engineer. Often, this can mean sending similar messages across various different channels. There is nothing wrong with reusing variations of one message, but be sure to tailor it to the platform you are using. For example, the same emojis that can help recruit on Instagram could scare talent away on LinkedIn.

This was our brief guide on Engineering Recruiter Tips that you could adopt to hire the best talent!

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