Why Engineers Are Moving From California to Colorado

Why Engineers Are Moving From California to Colorado

Why Engineers Are Moving From California to Colorado

Curios why Engineers Are Moving From California to Colorado?

When people think of American tech hubs, there are three cities that often spring to mind – San Francisco, San Jose and Seattle. Located in the Bay Area, San Francisco and San Jose have both capitalized on the Silicon Valley start-up scene and are home to a combined who’s who of prominent 21st century tech companies. Seattle is the birthplace of Microsoft and makes some pretty famous coffee. Engineering recruiters know that none of these cities are in danger of losing their tech hub status, but their success has come at a cost.

San Francisco, Silicon Valley and the Pacific Northwest are also all home to some of the most expensive residential real estate in the United States. The environment caters to the tech elite, and has put pressure on the coders and engineers when it comes to finding reasonable accommodation and affordable groceries. This has been compounded by the fact that tech is now overtaking many traditional industries and is no longer centralized on the pacific coast. Increasingly, we are seeing highly skilled engineers move in search of a more suitable locale.

As engineering recruiters, we are now filling positions across the country. Dallas, DC, Chicago, Pittsburgh – there are engineering jobs popping up daily from coast to coast. Even Canada is getting in on the action, with tech hubs forming in Toronto and Vancouver. One city that is quickly establishing itself as a quality source of highly trained engineer placements is our home base of Denver, Colorado.

In many ways, Denver’s status as an emerging tech hub shouldn’t come as a surprise. Colorado has always been an innovative, entrepreneurial state and Denver is home to all of the amenities found in California, with cheaper property and rent. Essentially, the city offers the same quality of life at a lower cost of living.

For engineering recruiters in Denver, this has been a blessing, as we have been able to quickly fill temporary placements and staff full-time positions with qualified candidates. We’re used to providing the best placements, but the quality of engineers we have seen locally recently has really blown us away. The best part is, when companies source quality engineers it helps them grow, which leads to more open positions which helps entice more and more tech workers and engineers to Denver. The skyrocketing California real estate prices don’t hurt either.


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