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Our engineering staffing agency provides contract and direct-hire placements for all types of Engineering disciplines, across many industries, and in all major US cities.  Our typical placements include:

  • Civil / Structural / Transportation Engineers, including PE’s
  • Electrical Engineers, including PE’s
  • Software Engineers, Computer Vision Engineers
  • Mechanical Engineers, including PE’s

Reviews of our Engineering Staffing Agency

Chris from Expect Technical Staffing was an absolute pleasure to deal with. He was professional, communicated promptly and courteously, responded honestly to our questions and concerns and more importantly did NOT send us unqualified candidates to review/interview. Chris carefully vetted and only sent candidate resumes which fit our specific criteria (senior level engineer with technical expertise/experience in public works projects). Chris definitely delivered! I highly recommend Chris and Expect Technical Staffing and would absolutely work with him and and his firm in the future for our staffing needs.

Contracts and Accounting Manager, Civil Engineering Firm

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Why choose EXPECT?

We specialize in many key disciplines when it comes to technical recruiting, but we excel at recruiting engineers thanks to our prior industry experience in engineering.  That said, we know how to find high-quality engineers, what questions to ask them, and how to verify their skills.  All of this translates into candidates that meet your business goals and company culture[See our reviews here]

How Engineering Staffing Agencies can help your company?

Organizations that use engineering staffing agencies like EXPECT build an engineering advantage with intellectual property and expertise they can leverage in a competitive market.

  • We are an end to end resource provider, equipped to handle all kinds of staffing requirements from engineering-based companies.
  • We solve your engineering recruiting challenges by identifying engineers with domain expertise and technical skills to empower your workforce.
  • We constantly refresh our databases of available engineering resources, helping organization’s plug key workforce gaps in the shortest timeframes.

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Still not convinced?

As an engineering-centric company, your key products and services will always revolve around the skills, expertise, and innovation of your engineering team.

Engineers are empowering companies to grow their market share by helping them develop better products, improve operational efficiencies, reduce time to market, and deliver services to customers in a better manner. That’s why leading engineering staffing agencies like EXPECT are highly valued by companies across the globe.

The quality of your engineering team is instrumental in defining how quickly you can respond to market challenges, can create new product prototypes, can manufacture products cheaper and better than competitors, and can create customer loyalty by delivering quality technical service atop your products. With so much to gain from engineering artillery in your company, it’s imperative that you hire smarter, faster, and with greater success than competitors, by partnering with dependable engineering staffing agencies like Expect.

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