Engineering Staffing and Recruiting in Denver: What’s Changed in 2020?

Engineering Staffing and Recruiting in Denver: What’s Changed in 2020?

Engineering Staffing and Recruiting in Denver: What’s Changed in 2020?

In the months leading up to COVID-19, engineering staffing and recruiting in Denver was thriving, with great placements being filled across the city. Engineering skills were in high demand, and business was good for everybody: employers, recruiters, and engineers. Unfortunately, we were not immune to the impacts of COVID-19 and engineering staffing has seen some bumps in the road over the past several months.

With that said, things have “normalized” to a degree and we now have a much clearer idea of where engineering recruitment in Denver is at for 2020:

First and foremost: get used to the remote interview, as it is here to stay for the foreseeable future. This holds true when dealing with staffing and recruiting agencies, but also when interviewing directly for engineering positions in Denver. The pre-COVID interview process involved lots of handshakes and a constant stream of people traveling between various job sites. These days, it makes better sense for everyone to handle the process remotely, at least for the initial stages.

When looking at engineering staffing in 2020, another thing to consider is where the positions are opening up. Education, for example, has transitioned to a remote model, and, though discussions are ongoing, elements of this will almost certainly continue into the next school year. This could present a lot of contract opportunities in both IT and software development, as school boards transition to remote learning.

The same thing is occurring in business environments nationwide, including right here in Denver. Shifting an entire workplace to a remote model is not an overnight process. Many firms rushed into this a few months ago, and will soon require more permanent solutions. This could present well-paying contract work for software engineers.

On an entirely different note, many engineering jobs in Denver rely on the weather, as it is impossible to tackle construction and infrastructure projects during the winter. Having already lost some valuable time due to the pandemic, these jobs are going to be ramping up again while they still can.

At the end of the day, engineering staffing and recruiting in Denver might face some temporary roadblocks, but the demand for engineers is always going to be there. Positions will start opening up again sooner, rather than later, making this a great time to start brushing up on your remote interviewing skills.

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