Identifying the Fastest Programming Language for 2021

Identifying the Fastest Programming Language for 2021

Identifying the Fastest Programming Language for 2021

Working in tech recruitment, we get to witness a lot of the behind-the-scenes debates between programmers, developers, and engineers. One of the most spirited discussions involves the fastest programming language. Some say it’s C, others say C++. Some prefer Swift, others swear by Rust. The truth is, the answer can vary.

Are we talking about the fastest programming language for writing code or the fastest programming language for execution? Does the complexity of the program matter? Are we factoring in the skill of the developer? The list goes on. Let’s take a look at some of the different programming languages competing for the crown:


As one of the oldest programming languages still in common use, C has earned its reputation for speed. It is the root of other languages like C#, Java, JavaScript, and o,f course C++. C requires knowledge of computer functions and remains popular with computer scientists across the globe.


C++ is essentially an enhanced version of C. It shares its direct predecessor’s reputation for speed, as well as its reputation for not being beginner-friendly. In the right hands, C++ provides a higher degree of control and speed than newer, more widely used languages.


Swift is a popular, open-source programming language that is rapidly gaining popularity among mobile developers due to its ease of use, clean syntax, and speed. It powers popular apps including WordPress, Mozilla Firefox, and SoundCloud.


With excellent documentation, high-level tooling traits, and integrated package managers, Rust was created to provide the speed of C++ via a more reliable, safer alternative. It’s not as mainstream as others on this list, but it may be the fastest.


Python might not be the fastest programming language…but for years, it was the fastest-growing, and it is currently one of the most popular options on the planet. Python is a great bet if you want to start a programming career from scratch.

The final verdict? It’s complicated.

There’s a reason why you can ask ten developers to name the fastest programming language and get ten different answers. In addition to the languages listed above, there are PHP, Ruby, Pascal, and countless others that can lay a claim to the title.

Your job hunt for machine learning is also important because being good at programming will open up your chances of landing a job as a software developer.

You can also get good IT jobs if you have good programming skills.

Let us know who you think reigns supreme in the comment section below.

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