Tips for Finding Work Through Engineering Temp Agencies During COVID-19

Tips for Finding Work Through Engineering Temp Agencies During COVID-19

Tips for Finding Work Through Engineering Temp Agencies During COVID-19

The earliest days of this ongoing COVID-19 situation were a strange time for HR professionals in general and temp agencies in particular. On the one hand, there has been a huge demand from recently laid-off candidates looking for work. On the other hand, many opportunities disappeared as business owners navigated the changing economic landscape and made adjustments. Even in-demand skillsets were affected, and engineering temp agencies felt the impact.

Fortunately, as things settled down and companies found their footing, contract engineering positions reappeared. Though it is still difficult to find long-term work, there has been a steady stream of temporary engineering positions available in Denver.

Here’s the catch: the demand for engineers is high, but the demand from engineers is higher. A few months ago, engineering temp agencies had to fight tooth and nail to attract and recruit the best candidates. Today? We have talented engineers of all stripes reaching out to us, and need to be very selective about who we work with.

I can’t speak for all engineering temp agencies, but in the past, I took chances on candidates who flashed potential but might not have checked all the HR boxes. Sloppy resumes? Spotty educational history? Poor communication skills? These might not have been dealbreakers previously, but the reality today is much different. Finding engineering temp agencies requires some active effort. Assuming you have the required skills, here are three simple things you can do to ensure that you stay ahead of the competition and attract the attention of recruiters and hiring managers:

Get your recent references in order: If you’ve been laid off because of COVID-19, having your previous employer as a reference will go a long way. Engineering temp agencies understand the current situation, but might not understand why your references are from 5-10 years ago.

Clean up and proofread your resume: This is a big one. Your technical skills and education might have been enough to coast on before, but now you are competing with other engineering prospects with similar credentials and need to establish yourself as the best choice.

Communicate efficiently: We’re doing less in-person communication these days, so emails, video chats, and phone calls have taken an increased significance. Clear communication helps get your point across more efficiently and saves time for everybody.

The main thing you should be doing, and something that incorporates all three points, is assuming that all candidates and applicants are similarly qualified. Find other ways to stand out to engineering temp agencies and increase the odds of a call back (and job placement). Best of luck, and stay safe.

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