5 Signs of a Great Software Developer Staffing Agency

5 Signs of a Great Software Developer Staffing Agency

5 Signs of a Great Software Developer Staffing Agency

Searching for a software developer staffing agency can feel like searching for a needle in a haystack. Every company says they can source great software developers for your projects, but how many can actually deliver.

Here are a few ways you can separate the contenders from the pretenders.

Key software developer staffing agency attributes and competencies:

  1. A track record of success 

First and foremost – has the agency successfully filled software developer positions in the past? If yes, there’s a good chance that they will be able to do the same for you. If not, then they are either new to the industry or not able to do the job. The former might work out if you get lucky, but the latter is a great reason to avoid it at all costs.

The best way to measure past success is through direct referrals or testimonials from people you trust. Online reviews and case studies can also help when that isn’t an option. 

  1. Good reputation with clients and candidates 

Be wary of any software developer staffing agency that only has positive reviews from one side of the hiring equation (even if it’s your side). A staffing agency or recruitment firm acts as an intermediary between job-seekers and employers. This relationship only works if both sides are kept happy.

Again, first-person feedback from a trusted source is the best way to analyze this, but online reviews and testimonials can help too.

  1. Strong online presence 

In 2022, a strong online presence is pretty important for all businesses. From a general branding perspective, nothing beats the free online real estate of a website or social media profile.

This is doubly important for staffing companies because most recruitment these days occurs online. If a company cannot attract you to its website, how can it reasonably be expected to assemble a pipeline of talented, tech-savvy software developers and coders?

  1. Responsive support 

One of the most underrated advantages of using a staffing agency is gaining the support of a trusted team of 3rd party professionals. That support is useless if the agency doesn’t answer your calls or return your emails.

A good software developer staffing agency should be able to do its job with minimal involvement from your end while also remaining available to fill you in on the status of your project upon request. 

  1. Industry knowledge 

It should come as little surprise that software developer staffing requires some knowledge of software development. Tech recruiters don’t necessarily need to know how to code, but they should be broadly familiar with different coding languages and other role-specific info.

When scheduling your initial consultation, consider asking a few tech-related questions to see if the recruiter is up for the challenge.

On that note, any software developer staffing agency that knows what they are doing will usually offer a free, no-obligation consultation before you commit to a collaboration. Failure to do this is a major red flag.

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