Don’t Just ‘Hire Engineers’…Hire The Right Engineers For The Job

Don’t Just ‘Hire Engineers’…Hire The Right Engineers For The Job

Don’t Just ‘Hire Engineers’…Hire The Right Engineers For The Job

In today’s digital world, software engineers are in high demand. Although the exact role varies from company to company and project to project, software engineers are generally responsible for all types of computer software related work, handling everything from design and development to maintenance, testing, and evaluation.

Software engineers have always been important within dedicated tech companies, but as the role of tech in the workplace expands, we are now seeing an increased demand from companies in other industries.

Because the scope of work is so varied, it can be difficult enough for companies to hire engineers, let alone hiring the right engineers for their specific job opening.

In many companies, staffing decisions are made exclusively by managers and the HR department. Often, these decision makers are great at accessing a candidate’s character and general competency but lack the requisite knowledge to analyze a candidate’s role-specific tech skills. Reference checks are great when judging character traits, punctuality and reliability, but if the past job was nothing like the role being filled, they can be very misleading from a technical standpoint. Like anything, software engineering skills can be very specific.

To address this problem, some companies will involve employees with specific knowledge in the hiring process – this can certainly help, but it also means that someone with engineering capability is being pulled away from their day to day task. For a company that is already understaffed and looking to hire engineers, this can be a tough pill to swallow.

Engineering recruiters can provide a viable, cost-effective workaround to this issue. Typically, specialized recruiting agencies have a working knowledge of the roles they fill, as well as a deep pool of skilled candidates ready to work. Engineering recruiters can look at the requirements of a specific role and draw from their pool to find a software engineer suitable for the task at hand. If your firm is struggling to fill an open engineering placement, consider outsourcing the job to a specialized recruitment firm. Not only will this save your company time, in the long run it will also save you money.

Don’t just hire engineers…make sure you hire the right engineers for your firm.


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