How Long Do Interviews Last?

How Long Do Interviews Last?

How Long Do Interviews Last?

One of the most common questions we get asked here is “How long do interviews last?” The short answer is – it depends. The long answer – it depends on the type of interview, the position, and the company, among dozens of other factors.

How long should an interview last?

Rather than asking how long do interviews last, job seekers are better served by asking how long an interview should last, as this removes a lot of subjectivity from the equation. With that in mind, here’s a quick breakdown split up by interview types.

How long should a personal interview last?

When people ask how long do interviews last, they are usually talking about general interviews which typically run from around 45 minutes to an hour. Anything under half an hour might suggest that the employer is not interested. Interviews that are over an hour (for no apparent reason) could be indicative of an employer that doesn’t value your time or even their own.

How long should a phone interview last?

Phone interviews are often done to screen candidates before moving forward with the process. As such, they tend to be shorter than face-to-face interviews. A good estimate for phone interviews is roughly half an hour.

How long should a technical interview last?

The expected length of a technical interview varies wildly based on the technical skills being evaluated and who is doing the evaluating. A binary skill with a right or wrong method is easier (and quicker) to assess than general back-end software development. Similarly, a lead engineer might have more time-consuming technical questions for each candidate than a corporate hiring manager.

How long should a panel interview last?

As with technical interviews, panel interviews can vary in length depending on who is asking the questions. In general, these interviews should take around an hour, but I have heard of panel interviews lasting much longer. A short panel interview suggests that the panel has nothing to ask – this is not usually a good sign.

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How long should a video interview last?

When it comes to video interviews, the length depends on the purpose. If the video interview is for screening candidates it will be similar to a phone interview and run about 30 mins. If it is being held in a place of a face-to-face interview, this could extend upwards of one hour.

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How long should a walk-in-interview last?

Walk-in interviews are similar to personal interviews – the ideal time is roughly 45 minutes. There is some breathing room on either side but interviews lasting under twenty minutes or over an hour could signify red flags.

The main takeaway?

‘How long do interviews last’ doesn’t have a definitive answer. Instead of stressing out over time, consider thinking of ways to improve your interview technique and self-evaluate your performance.

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