How to Ask Why You Didn’t Get the Job?

How to Ask Why You Didn’t Get the Job?

How to Ask Why You Didn’t Get the Job?

You spent hours preparing for the interview. You felt great walking out the door, certain they would be calling with an offer. But the call never came. What happened?

It’s only natural to feel disappointed when a job doesn’t work out. But moping around won’t get you that dream job. The best thing you can do is learn from the experience so you’re even more prepared next time.

Reach Out for Feedback

When you get the dreaded “thanks but no thanks” email or phone call, muster up the courage to ask for feedback. A simple “I’d appreciate any insight you could share on why I wasn’t selected” shows maturity and drive. And you might get valuable tips, like needing more experience in X or lacking knowledge of Y.

If they brush you off, don’t take it personally. Take initiative and…

Email the Hiring Manager

Wait about a week after getting the news, then email the hiring manager directly. Keep it short:

Dear [Name],

I appreciated speaking with you and your team about the [Job Title] position. I’m still very interested in opportunities at [Company]. If you have any feedback on my interview or suggestions for improving my candidacy for future roles, I would greatly appreciate your insight.

Best regards,

[Your name]

This shows you care about improving and aren’t bitter about the outcome. If they reply with constructive criticism, view it as a gift rather than a criticism.

Email the Hiring Manager

Review Your Performance

While waiting to hear back, do your own assessment. Ask yourself:

  • Did I effectively showcase my skills and experience?
  • Did the conversation center on how I can solve the problems listed in the job description?
  • Were my responses clear and compelling?
  • Was there obviously “buy signals” from the interviewer?
  • Did I ask thoughtful questions?
  • Was I friendly, polite and enthusiastic?

Identify any weak spots so they don’t trip you up next time.

Enlist a Friend’s Help

Get an outside perspective from someone you trust. Ask them:

  • What are my strengths in an interview setting?
  • What skills or experiences seem light on my resume?
  • What kind of positions would be a good fit for me?

Listen with an open mind to their constructive critiques.

Expand Your Horizons

Just because this one didn’t work out doesn’t mean your dream job isn’t still out there. Stay determined and…

Broaden Your Job Search

Don’t limit yourself to an exact job title or single company. Look for related roles or lateral moves that build helpful new skills. Maybe there’s a better fit at a competitor. Smaller companies are great places to get noticed, hired, and excel faster than large multi-national companies.

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Beef Up Your Credentials

Never stop learning. Enroll in courses or training to fill in gaps. Get certified in in-demand skills. Follow industry leaders on social media. Get suggestions from them on how to improve. Stay up-to-date on hiring trends. The more well-rounded you become, the more opportunities you will attract.

Beef Up Your Credentials

Rejection stings, but it should drive you, not defeat you. Learn from the experience and forge ahead. The right job for you is waiting!

Why You Didn’t Get the Job FAQs

What if they don’t reply to my feedback request?

Don’t take it personally. Hiring managers and recruiters are busy people. Send a polite follow-up email after 1-2 weeks restating your interest in their feedback. If you still hear nothing, focus efforts on prepping for future interviews.

Is it ok to argue with their feedback?

Even if you disagree with their assessment, stay professional. Arguing will just burn bridges. Simply thank them for taking the time and let them know you appreciate their perspective. You can always get a second opinion from mentors or friends instead.

What if I’m really upset about not getting this job?

Feeling disappointed or even angry is normal after rejection. Vent to supportive friends and family, then try to shift energy away from resentment and towards working to improve. Staying stuck in bitterness will only hold you back from finding a position better suited to your talents.


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