How to Find and Recruit Engineers

How to Find and Recruit Engineers

How to Find and Recruit Engineers? It’s the question all rapidly growing industries face when their job postings provide no quality candidates.

Finding and recruiting engineers is not easy during good economic times, but attracting well-qualified candidates to your company can be done with a little creativity and some patience.

This blog post shares some strategies you can follow to find and recruit engineers easily and effectively, even in a robust economy.

Any company facing a technical hiring challenge can refer to these tips for maximum benefit.

Include Them in the Process

The best engineers tend to be more connected to other companies, outside vendors, and suppliers.  They tend to be connected through their networks during large-scale projects involving outside resources – consultants and business partners.  Including your top engineers at the beginning of the hiring process, not just during interviewing, is a great way to create an enduring company culture and leverage their contacts across the industry.

Assess Your Needed Skills

After inviting your senior engineers to the hiring process, the next step is to agree on the skill gaps your company is seeking to close.  Doing this opens your company up to new project demands and can also position the company for new business verticals.

Take a break away from the office to assess your company needs – away from cell phones, desk phones, and emails.  Host the event at an inspiring place to uncover new business opportunities and fresh ideas for the future.

Writing effective job descriptions can be time-consuming and frustrating for many, but the time spent will produce quality candidates with alignment to your needs and business goals.

Assign A Champion

Now that the “Must Haves” and “Top Requirements” have been agreed upon, it’s time to assign someone to oversee the interviewing process.  Elect one of your best engineers, admins, or outside resources like Expect Technical Staffing to ensure the hiring milestones are met.  Including them in the process, assessing your needed skill gaps, and assigning a champion will set your team in the right direction.

This was our brief guide on How to Find and Recruit Engineers. For more, keep following Expect!


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