How To Recruit Engineers

How To Recruit Engineers

Whether you’re a start-up or an established brand, finding good engineers last year was tough, and we expect to experience this pain again in 2020. Below we list some pro tips on how to recruit engineers that we started using this last year and had some good results.

Passive Recruiting of Engineers

Have you noticed that every experienced engineer has a nice job, and earning a good salary? Do you think they are looking for a new job right now? ……… Nope

Our experience the last few years is that all the good engineers are not actively looking for work. They all changed jobs a few years ago, and now have that cushy job they always wanted.

If you assume they are not applying to your Indeed job ads, well then you’re probably right. So what do you do then?

We have found that going directly after the candidates you want to hire is the best way to fill your pipeline with qualified candidates. Yes, it’s time-consuming and takes longer than just posting the job opening, but when you know exactly what you’re seeking – this is how to recruit engineers.


If you haven’t already, start asking your current employees for referrals. Tell them to spread the word that you’re hiring to their networks, and ask them to post something on their LinkedIn feeds. Even offer them a bonus if the referral gets hired.

Next, having a very clear picture of what you’re seeking directly from the hiring manager, begin searching through LinkedIn and adding people that you’d like to connect with, and ask them for referrals. You will be surprised how many people are passively looking around or will refer you to others.

Next Steps

In a competitive labor market, it’s important to try new things or hire a specialist that knows how to recruit engineers. At Expect, this is all we do, 7 days a week.

We are available on an hourly basis to view your openings, learn about your challenges, and either suggest or implement some tactics to get results.

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