Impress Recruiters in Denver with these Communication Skills

Impress Recruiters in Denver with these Communication Skills

Impress Recruiters in Denver with these Communication Skills

Want to know the Importance of Communication Skills in Getting Recruited?

The best way to impress a recruiter is with a resume that highlights an in-demand skillset backed up by years of relevant experience and education. The easiest way to impress a recruiter, however, is by displaying outstanding communication skills.

Unlike technical skills, communication does not require advanced education or any industry-specific experience. You can develop winning communication skills by working as a greeter in a big box store or playing beer league softball with your friends. Despite being one of the most accessible ways to enhance your employability, many tech workers neglect these soft skills. By doing the opposite, you can leapfrog the competition and secure your dream job.

Here’s a quick breakdown of the four primary communication skills:

Verbal Skills: You don’t need to speak with the booming clarity of a newscaster, but that verbal communication entirely is still key to getting your point across. Displaying strong verbal skills with recruiters is a great place to start.

Listening Skills: Communication is a two-way street. Listening involves more than simply waiting for an opportunity to speak – you want to understand what recruiters, coworkers, and employers are trying to say.

Writing Skills: Relax – recruiters in Denver are not going to ask you to write a Shakespearean sonnet or short story. A well-written cover letter, on the other hand, can help you get your foot in the door, and in today’s business landscape, a concise email is worth its weight in gold.

Technological Communication: Here’s where you can establish yourself as a viable candidate. While the first three forms of communication can be picked up anywhere, how you communicate within your field cannot be easily faked. Demonstrating an ability to evaluate task-specific, technical protocols is a surefire way to impress your recruiter and secure your Denver dream job.

Some people are going to be better than others at certain types of communication, and that’s okay. If you are a great verbal communicator but struggle with writing, try to communicate over the phone rather than by email. If you have advanced engineering skills but struggle in the interview room, try to keep the focus on your technical abilities.

At the end of the day, when you keep the communication focused on your strengths, you are one step closer to getting hired.


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