How Engineering Recruitment Firms Improve Hiring Efficiency

How Engineering Recruitment Firms Improve Hiring Efficiency

How Engineering Recruitment Firms Improve Hiring Efficiency

It’s 2022, and if you’re struggling to fill open engineering positions, you’re not alone. Recruiting, hiring, and training skilled engineers is important to the success of many businesses across multiple industries, but that doesn’t mean the process is easy.

Here are a few ways that engineering recruitment firms can help:

3 Great Reasons to Use Engineering Recruitment Firms

Industry Knowledge and Experience 

Hiring engineers requires some knowledge of either the engineering profession in general or the specific field you are hiring for. Organizations that are primarily focused on engineering as a primary service might be able to handle this in-house, but in many cases hiring teams and HR departments are unfamiliar with the skills required to handle the open position. This is particularly true when hiring software engineers at a non-tech company.

Engineering recruitment firms often have years of experience finding candidates for the exact positions you are trying to fill. Their recruitment specialists know what skills and attributes to look out for and where to find quality engineers that have them.

On-Demand Access to Top Talent 

Knowing what you need and knowing where to find it is two very different things. Even if your hiring team has the in-depth engineering knowledge and can break down the exact requirements of the position, that’s no guarantee that your organization will be able to attract suitable applicants.

Good engineering recruitment firms maintain a robust professional network and a pipeline of on-demand talent to help you fill open positions quickly. If they aren’t able to find a fit within their existing connections, they know where to look to identify and recruit new talent.

Speedy, Cost-Effective Hiring 

This is a big one. Many people assume that engineering recruitment firms are expensive, with the logic being that it’s cheaper to handle hiring in-house rather than through 3rd party professionals. While it’s true that engineering recruitment firms like Expect do get compensated for our work, we also save organizations money by significantly reducing the time that you and your team need to devote to the process.

On top of that, most engineering recruitment firms get paid as a percentage of the new hire’s salary – if we don’t find you an engineer, you don’t pay a cent. What’s more cost-effective than that?

Of course, the three examples listed above are just a small sample of what engineering recruitment firms can do.

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