New trends in interviewing for technical positions

New trends in interviewing for technical positions

New trends in interviewing for technical positions

You may think all interviews follow a standard process.  The hiring manager asks a few questions, for example, “why should we hire you?”, “what are your strengths and weaknesses?” and “where do you see yourself in five years?”.  Additional questions may center on the choice of location and salary expectations.

Recruiters would like to know that you can handle the job, are prepared to carry out the tasks right away, and will mesh well with the client’s company culture, so the techniques they apply to screen applicants and evaluate your character and skills can vary.

Like any business, there are new trends in Interviewing For Technical Positions; keep reading to get to know about these trends.

Psychometric Testing

One enduring trend is the use of questionnaires to test and evaluate a candidate’s character.  These have been in existence for years – however, what is new is the rate with which they are being utilized, especially inside applicant tracking systems like ADP and Sage.

Companies utilize sophisticated psychometric tests and not just “off the shelf” character tests to a greater extent.  Large companies are buying psychometric tests that assess the characteristics and qualities that are most relevant to their company culture.

The Case Interview

You have faced a group and panel interview; however, are you prepared for the ‘case interview’?  Mainly utilized by investment banking companies and management consulting firms, this interview method is used more and more by other kinds of organizations.

Here, applicants are introduced to an industry problem facing a particular business unit. You are asked to evaluate the situation, recognize key business problems and talk about how you would tackle the issues involved.

Like completing a line of software code, the case interview really tests the applicant’s ability to approach a problem, the logic used, and their ability to think on their feet and communicate their thought process.

Video Conferencing – Skype Interview

Real-time video sharing technology like that using Skype is an effective way for a company to get to know a candidate without the expense of flying him/her into the office for a face-to-face interview.  Nowadays, you do not need to submit an application for a job overseas with technology like Skype interviews.  Technical recruiters who once used phone interviews to screen candidates are more and more using video calls as an alternative.

Our suggestion to anyone conducting this type of interview is to have a stable/reliable internet connection with enough bandwidth for a video conference.  Also, be sure to test the connection in advance and be available in a place without distractions and background noise.

This was our brief take when it comes to Interviewing For Technical Positions!


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