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We are providers of IT Professionals to companies of all sizes and industries.  We have contractors & direct-hire placements available, with regional and national coverage.  We can help your IT department find:

  • Network / System Admins
  • IT Desktop Support
  • Oracle & Salesforce Admins
  • Network Engineers, Security Specialists
  • And many other specialties

Our  clients seek the best in an IT staffing provider for their most critical projects and deployments.  To meet their demands we source professional, reliable, and certified IT staff for short-term projects and permanent hires.  Want to learn more?  Fill out one of the contact forms or give us a call, 303-946-3436

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We began working with Chris at Expect Technical Staffing in March, 2018.  We had several openings for technical people to join our Software team and this is an area where candidates are quite scarce.  Chris came to our office to meet with our team and receive the additional job specifications and get to know the company.  Chris has been able to identify several great candidates for us to review.  He does a good job at vetting candidates based on our criteria and tweaks things when we give additional feedback.  I appreciate that Chris really researches the candidates and doesn’t just send over 100 resumes which is what some recruiters do (and as a result I don’t work with them).  After going through an extensive interview process we were able to make offers to several of the candidate’s Chris sent to us.

We still have several other candidates from Chris in our pipeline and suspect we’ll have more offers soon and be able to close the job requisitions.

Chris is very easy to work with, does follow up when appropriate but is not overly aggressive which I greatly appreciate.  His fees are very reasonable as well.  I enjoy working with Chris and highly recommend him to any firm looking for technical hires.

Sr. Director Human Resources, Biotechnology Company

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