Key Engineer Staffing Agency Attributes for 2021

Key Engineer Staffing Agency Attributes for 2021

Key Engineer Staffing Agency Attributes for 2021

There are several different factors to consider when looking for an engineer staffing agency. The main one – a cost-effective ability to fill in-demand positions – can only be properly assessed after the process is done. Online testimonials and reviews can provide some insight into past work, and are always worth checking out, but this info is viewed through the lens of another client.

Here are a few things you can look at to determine whether a staffing agency is right for you.

Tech Knowledge and Competency

Technical knowledge and competency are important for two reasons. First, you want to ensure that the staffing agency has the industry-specific knowledge to evaluate the skills and abilities of engineer candidates.

Tech knowledge is also important from an operational perspective. Throughout the past few years, we have seen a drastic rise in virtual/remote recruitment. Ideally, you want to work with an agency that understands how to use communication tools like Zoom to facilitate a smooth recruitment and hiring process.

Regional Market Awareness

When looking for a staffing agency, you want to find one that understands your market. Recruiters that specialize in filling positions with outsourced labor from overseas might be great at sourcing software engineers from Indonesia, but this will not necessarily help when staffing an engineering team based in Denver.

This also holds true when looking at different types of engineering. There are staffing agencies that focus on civil engineering, staffing agencies focused on software engineering, and agencies that specialize in several different areas.

Level of Access

Access is key, and it works both ways: a good staffing agency should have access to engineering talent, but they should also have pre-existing working relationships with established companies. Engineering is an in-demand skill, and the best candidates are going to work with staffing agencies that have a proven track record of finding good placements.

When evaluating an engineering staffing agency, try to find out what kind of positions they typically fill to give yourself an idea of their overall level of work. Some of this information might be publicly available but if it’s not, reputable agencies will be willing to share some referrals if asked.


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