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Let’s face it – not all machine learning jobs are created equal. Some positions expect the world out of new hires and refuse to compensate fairly while other listings don’t appear to understand what machine learning engineers even do.

At Expect, we specialize in matching skilled engineers of all experience levels with machine learning jobs in Colorado and across the USA that are aligned with their skills, values, and salary expectations.

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Jobs Overview

A few decades ago, computer vision was relegated to the tech sector and academic research. Today, it forms the backbone of many important technologies across a wide variety of industries. As a result, there has been a rise in machine learning job postings across the country.

There’s never been a better time to become a machine learning engineer, and projections suggest that things are only going to get better.

Education Requirements

Though most jobs don’t correspond to a specific degree, successful applicants typically have post-secondary education (and advanced degrees) in mathematics, algebra, logic, data science, statistics, programming, and other computer science disciplines.

A university degree is not always a requirement for open machine learning positions, but not having one is putting you at a significant competitive disadvantage when applying for machine learning engineer jobs.

Important Skills to Learn

In addition to a high-level understanding of math, machine learning engineers need to be able to apply complex deep learning research and machine learning libraries to real-world problems. Designing, developing, and researching Machine Learning systems, models, and schemes. Studying, transforming, and converting data science prototypes. Searching and selecting appropriate data sets. Performing statistical analysis and using results to improve models. These are just some of tasks a good machine learning engineer needs to learn.

Literacy in a programmatic language like Python is essential as machine learning engineers need to provide data science and computer vision teams with maintainable, scalable, and effective code.

You can also learn various books to help you with the learning. 

Our Machine Learning Jobs

Looking for high-paying computer vision and machine learning positions? We’ve got you covered. Our current machine learning job openings feature listings from top employers in Colorado and other cities across the United States. Check out some of our current engineering job openings.

Jobs Salary Range

There’s a reason why ML job postings attract lots of applicants – the average machine learning engineer salary in the United States is above $130,00 according to Indeed. Entry-level and junior positions typically start below that rate, but there is significant room for growth: Machine learning engineers can earn over $200,000 in many cities.

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