Engineering Recruiter and Staffing Agencies? What You Need to Know?

Engineering Recruiter and Staffing Agencies? What You Need to Know?

Engineering Recruiter and Staffing Agencies? What You Need to Know?

Choosing the right engineering recruiter for your business is an important decision.  An engineering recruiting firm can make or break your hiring campaign, so the selection process should be handled with the utmost sensitivity.  An unqualified and unreliable firm will only cause you more problems in the long run with poor placements that don’t mesh with your company culture or business goals.  To ensure that you only pick the best engineering recruiter for your needs, here are some things to avoid:

Do not select a general firm

Most engineering recruiters in the market tend to offer comprehensive engineering staffing services; however, not all of them are specialized in placing engineers in your line of work.  When recruiting an agency that does not speak your language, the recruiters of that agency are less likely to know what type of candidates that you need, let alone the qualifications that are necessary for them to perform their jobs well.  As such, you should only hire a specialized firm in your line of work.

Do not assume that bigger is better

Large engineering recruiters may appear to have the best reputation in the market. However, this is not always true. Small firms may appear less equipped, however, such firms often have more to prove, which means that they will be willing to go the extra mile so that they can keep you as a customer for life.

Do not engage unknowledgeable recruiters

An engineering recruiter that does not have all the relevant information on their fingertips is a useless recruiter.  Recruitment, especially in skill-oriented sectors such as engineering, is a high-pressure situation in which information is king.  If your recruiter or consultant does not seem to be knowledgeable about your specific sector, this indicates that the agency that the recruiter works for has substandard training, which means that they must also be lax and negligent in all their operational affairs.

Do not pick recruiters that are also poor communicators

In the recruitment process, communication between employers and recruitment consultants cannot be a one-way street.  As an employer, your recruiter should understand the value of regular feedback and updates. The more that a recruiter communicates with a business the more successful the process is likely to be.

A qualified recruiter should present you with regular updates so that you can still be involved in determining the kind of candidates that are selected to work for you.  If your recruiter is showing signs of poor communication, you may need to sever that working relationship as it could prove to be more stressful than helpful.


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