Need to Hire AI Engineers? Start by Learning the Terminology

Need to Hire AI Engineers? Start by Learning the Terminology

Need to Hire AI Engineers? Start by Learning the Terminology

Over the past several years, AI has changed the tech sector and the tech recruiting landscape. In a race to secure the best talent, industry leaders like Google, Amazon, and Microsoft have been aggressively targeting top-flight AI engineers with lucrative bonuses and other perks.

As a smaller company, you probably don’t have the budget required to hire AI engineers this way and should instead focus on creating a culture and environment that AI engineers want to work in. A great place to start? Understanding the terminology AI engineers use on a day-to-day basis.

Here are a few key terms to learn before you hire AI engineers:

Artificial Intelligence

We use the term artificial intelligence, or AI, a lot but you would be surprised how often people struggle to provide an accurate definition. Essentially, AI refers to several forms of algorithmic methods for replacing human intelligence with data-backed computerized insights. Use the term properly, and it’ll be easier to hire AI engineers.

Data Science

Data science refers to all forms of data analysis – this includes both data collection and interpretation. When done via a computerized algorithm, this is a key component of most forms of AI. If collected and interpreted manually, however, the process does not necessarily have anything to do with artificial intelligence.

Machine Learning

Machine learning is a specific sub-domain of AI. It refers to technology that incorporates self-learning and becomes “smarter” as it processes data. Some prominent real-life examples of machine learning include facial recognition software and voice recognition software – the more the technology “sees/hears” the better it performs.

Neural Networks

Artificial intelligence mimics human intelligence with technology – neural networks are computer systems that function as the “brain” and make real-time decisions without changes to their code. Throwing a reference to neural networks into your interview could impress the candidate and make it easier to hire AI engineers.

Natural Language Processing

Natural language processing is how computer programs such as Amazon’s Alexa or Apple’s Siri learn to understand and mimic the nuances of human language. Though natural language processing requires large volumes of training data and continuous learning to function properly, it is one of the most exciting current developments in AI.

The terms above are just a basic starting point but they will help you demonstrate some knowledge of the industry when hiring AI engineers. Best of luck with the search – if you hit a roadblock along the way we’re always happy to help.


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