Make Recruiting Passive Candidates Easier With Social Media

Make Recruiting Passive Candidates Easier With Social Media
Make Recruiting Passive Candidates Easier With Social Media

Social media can make life stressful for business owners and HR departments. Best case scenario, your team occasionally wastes time viewing memes and sending “likes” to everyone. Worst case, one of your valued employees is posting things that reflect poorly on the company.

Headaches aside, social media can also be a productive hiring tool when recruiting passive candidates. Many of the most popular platforms out there have unique search features and engagement tools that make it easy to find qualified candidates.

Here’s a guide to recruiting passive candidates on some of the most popular platforms:


When it comes to recruiting passive candidates, LinkedIn is head and shoulders above the rest. The platform was explicitly designed to facilitate professional networking and candidates share updated resumes, as well as relevant skills and qualifications.

Here’s the catch – everybody is recruiting on LinkedIn, which means there’s a lot of competition for a finite pool of candidates. For differentiation, consider searching on LinkedIn, but contacting candidates through another channel, like email or telephone. These can often be found in the candidate’s tag line or “About” section.

Facebook & Instagram

At its core, Facebook and Instagram are tools used by marketers to advertise products and services directly to segmented target markets. The unique search algorithms that allow marketers to find divorced Katy Perry fans within 30 miles of Austin can also be used to find professional software engineers within 30 miles of Denver, making this a great way to source candidates.

On Facebook, finding the right passive candidate is easy, but reaching out requires some tact. People on the platform are not expecting to be contacted by recruiters so its important that you take this into account when contacting a potential new hire.

When recruiting on social media, don’t be afraid to think outside the box.

The platforms listed above are the most common for recruiting passive candidates. We also uses used Reddit, Quora, and tech forums like GitHub as well as industry-specific YouTube channels.

Need some help with recruiting passive candidates? We’re here to help!

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