Recruitment Process Flowchart – What Does it Contains?

Recruitment Process Flowchart – What Does it Contains?

Recruitment Process Flowchart – What Does it Contains?

Recruitment Process Flowchart Essentials

Put simply, a recruitment process flowchart is a workflow that outlines the various stages a recruitment agency goes through when finding a candidate for a client’s open position. Different companies might tweak the process slightly or call the stages something different, but in general, a recruitment process flowchart covers the same terrain across the board.

To give you an example, here’s a breakdown of the 7-stage recruitment process flowchart we use at Expect:

  1. Planning & Preparation

The first step to recruitment is mapping out a strategy. As a recruiter, I want to create a job posting that gets lots of traction, but only if that traction comes from qualified candidates.

  1. Sourcing Viable Talent

Recruitment involves more than just creating a job ad and waiting for candidates to reach out. At Expect, we take an active approach to sourcing and attracting talent for open positions.

  1. Converting Applicants

A good recruitment strategy will not convert every lead – ideally, we want to weed out unqualified candidates, while encouraging qualified candidates to move forward with the process.

  1. Screening Candidates

Not every qualified candidate is going to be a good fit. During this stage, we work with our client to identify and select the candidates that are most suitable for the open position.

  1. The Interview

This stage incorporates the entire interview process, from planning and preparation all the way through to the final interview. The goal here is to find the best possible candidate in an efficient, time-sensitive manner.

  1. Reference Checks

Following your interview, the client company is going to perform reference checks on their chosen candidate. This stage can take a while, so don’t worry if you don’t hear back right away.

  1. Onboarding & Evaluation

For us, a successful recruitment process ends with you landing your desired position. After connecting you with your new company for training, we evaluate our process to ensure job seekers are getting the best service possible.

The recruitment process flowchart is not exclusive to recruitment agencies – HR departments use a version of this workflow as well. Typically, the HR recruitment process flowchart will cover the same steps, though they may condense/expand them into 5 stage or 10 stage plans.

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