Simple, Effective Resume Tips from Denver Headhunters

Simple, Effective Resume Tips from Denver Headhunters

Simple, Effective Resume Tips from Denver Headhunters

As recruiters, we spend a lot of time looking at resumes and have seen more than our fair share of great ones. Despite that, there’s something that stands out more than the impressive degrees, tech credentials, and work history: common, avoidable mistakes.

Here are a few tips for new grads to make sure your resume connects with headhunters and employers in Denver:

Don’t forget to proofread when updating your resume

This tip is the simplest to implement, but a poorly edited resume is way more common than you’d think. Missing words, spelling errors, and other elementary-level mistakes can distract from your otherwise stellar achievements. People are usually pretty diligent about proofreading a resume when it is created from scratch – many of these errors occur when editing or updating an existing resume.

Replace the buzzwords with quantifiable achievements

Trust me – here at Expect, we’ve heard it all. The same goes for other Denver headhunters and recruitment specialists. We review candidates all day and are not interested in empty jargon. What HR professionals want to see is quantifiable, measurable achievements.

Always use reverse chronological order

This is a big one. Many candidates submit resumes with their professional history outlined chronologically, meaning the most outdated position is the first one we read. For entry-level job seekers, this can lead to us reading about a high-school summer spent working as a volunteer lifeguard before reading about a recent internship at a Fortune 500 company. The discrepancy is not usually that great, but it’s still a good idea to lead with your most recent role.

Tailor your resume to your intended audience

Putting effort into your application, rather than simply firing off resumes and hoping something lands, can have a real impact on your chances of getting hired. When I read a resume that I know has been specifically crafted for Denver headhunters, it gives me some assurance that the candidate is taking the process seriously.

Declutter and focus on what’s important

Your resume should be a condensed version of your recent career, not a detailed breakdown of your entire professional history. If you are an entry-level candidate or recent graduate it’s fine to include “non-professional” jobs, but keep the descriptions brief. Headhunters already know what stocking shelves at a grocery store involves.

Unless you are applying for a graphic design job, try to keep the design and layout of your resume clear, so we can focus on the substance rather than the style.

That’s it for today’s tips. If you have anything you’d like to add, let us know in the comments.

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