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Security Clearance Jobs

We help all types of talented professionals find engineering, software, IT, and other security clearance jobs in Virginia and Colorado.  All jobs listed have 8 weeks of PTO, 25% 401k contribution, excellent benefits, and great pay.  To apply, please email a copy of your resume.  Send to: chris@expectllc.com

Position Clearance Required Openings Need Max Salary Location
DSP Software Engineer TS 15 Urgent $200,000 Fairfax, VA
Software Engineer TS 10 Urgent $160,000 Fairfax, VA
Electrical Engineer TS 2 Immediate $160,000 Fairfax, VA
SharePoint Developer TS/SCI 1 Urgent $160,000 Fairfax, VA
Big Data Engineer TS/SCI with FS Poly 1 Immediate $160,000 Fairfax, VA
Software Developer with AWS/Cloud Development TS 1 Immediate $160,000 Fairfax, VA
Senior Acoustic Analyst TS/SCI with FS Poly 1 Immediate $160,000 McLean, VA
Systems Engineer TS/SCI with CI Poly 1 Immediate $160,000 Littleton, CO
Global Navigation Satellite Systems Analyst S 1 Immediate $160,000 Fairfax, VA

To apply, please email: chris@expectllc.com


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