Need to hire a full-time employee?

We help companies of all sizes and industries find high-quality candidates. Our team of technical recruiting specialists complete the sourcing, pre-screening, interview scheduling, and more. It’s like having a dedicated recruiter right across the hall from you.

Expect Technical Staffing did a great job of finding several qualified candidates for the engineering position we were seeking. They presented us with three professional candidates, one was a very good fit and within two days, made the candidate an offer. I would use Expect’s services again for future employment needs.

Need to hire a contractor?

You have a big project that requires a specialized skillset to complete. Or you prefer to know that the candidate is going to work out before making a big commitment to them. We place contractors for 3/6/12 month assignments, and we handle all the employer of record requirements, and payroll.

We had a need for a Prototype Machinist/Technician that we were struggling to find. Expect worked with us to understand our needs and provided a number of qualified candidates in a timely manner.

Have questions about our recruiting process?

Or what to expect?

Please visit our Staffing and Recruiting FAQ’s page
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