Software Engineering Recruiters Save You Money

Software Engineering Recruiters Save You Money

Software Engineering Recruiters Save You Money

It’s no secret that skilled tech talent is highly compensated. Every few weeks there’s a news story about recently graduated software engineers comfortably pulling in six figures on entry-level contracts with major tech companies.

It’s no accident that the average house price in Silicon Valley is well over one million dollars. Much like pro athletes, skilled software engineers are paid based on the scarcity of their talent and their ability to generate profits for their employers.

Here are a few ways that working with software engineering recruiters can help you tap into the same benefits without breaking the bank.

Software engineering recruiters increase your access to top talent

For smaller companies that lack the financial resources of big tech giants and professional baseball teams, it is almost impossible to compete with the pay packages of established Fortune 500 companies and venture capital-backed tech start-ups head-on. One of the only ways to access this level of talent is via temporary contract hire. Unfortunately, finding these contract-based software engineers can be difficult.

Rather than spending hours poring through job applications for what is essentially a short-term solution, consider outsourcing the process to a specialized recruitment agency or staffing firm.

Recruiters can source suitable candidates quickly

Salary is the only cost consideration when hiring. You need to closely monitor how much time you’re spending on the process too. If finding the perfect software engineer takes up 100+ hours of your company’s time, it doesn’t matter how good the hire is: there is most likely going to be a negative ROI attached to the project.

As full-time staffing specialists, software engineering recruiters know what it takes to efficiently source candidates, evaluate their potential fit, and then send them to your team. More often than not, the end-to-end process has a much higher ROI than hiring for short-term contract positions in-house.

They only get paid when the job is done.

This is a big one, and one that a lot of people aren’t aware of. Recruitment companies typically get paid as a percentage of the candidate’s contract. If hiring for a full-time position, this could be a percentage of the candidate’s salary for a pre-determined period of time.

Either way, recruiters don’t get paid until the position is filled. In other words, there is very little risk in exchange for a huge potential reward.

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