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New clients often ask us how our technical staffing and recruiting process works. Some HR teams, hiring managers, and business owners have never used an outside resource provider like ours.

Here we outline our typical clients, and steps we follow to help them meet their goals of finding the best candidates for their business goals and company culture.

Our clients typically are:

  • Human Resources Managers, Directors, Vice Presidents, and Talent Acquisition Teams
  • Hiring Managers – including Directors, Vice Presidents, and Business Owners; usually at Engineering, Technology-based companies.
    • Many times these companies are: Engineering Consultancies or Service Providers, R&D Product Development Firms, Defense/Aerospace Contractors, Software Development Start-Ups, and many others that need help finding employees.

Our clients often times have the following unique situations:

  • Their HR teams are struggling to keep up with staffing and recruiting of either full-time/perm employees or contractors
  • Or their company is very small and they do not have a dedicated recruiter to help them find top talent
  • Or they are seeking a hard-to-fill position that requires one or more outside recruiters to help them

We help the above professionals by:

  • Offloading the end-to-end recruitment process; including new resume campaigns, screening of applicants, arranging phone interviews & onsite interviews, reference checking, background checks, and drug testing
  • Completing passive recruiting to reach specific individuals that have the experience, licenses, and certifications sought after in their industry.

The process we typically follow for direct-hire staffing:

1) We schedule a meeting to discuss your needs.
2) We then send our standard staffing and recruiting agreement that includes our typical placement fees, and our partial retainer deposit to get started. Please Note: Our partial retainer for all new clients will be applied as a credit to your invoice once a placement is completed.
3) Our placement fees range anywhere from 15-30% depending on the type of position and whether or not we have resumes on hand. For example, technician positions would be at 15-17%, while engineering positions would be 18-24%, and exec-level positions would be at the 25-30% level.
4) Once the agreement is signed and partial retainer received, we then arrange a meeting to go over the “Must Haves” and “Top Requirements” of the position according to the hiring manager.
5) Then we begin to source candidate resumes and qualification summaries for your review, and arrange phone interviews, and/or onsite interviews.

And the process we follow for contractor staffing:

1) We schedule a meeting to discuss your needs.
2) We then send a contractor resume submission agreement. We require an initial deposit of $500-$750 that will be applied as a credit to your first invoice for the hours worked by the new contractor.
3) Once the agreement is signed and deposit received, we begin to source contractor candidates for you to review.
4) If there is a contractor you’re interested in, we arrange either a phone interview or onsite interview.
5) If your team decides to hire the contractor, we then send a contractor agreement that outlines their start date, hourly bill rate, and the length of the contract assignment. Our margins are usually 35-45% depending on the length of the assignment. This margin covers Workers Compensation Insurance, Employee Liability Insurance, Department of Labor and Employment Fee’s, Unemployment Insurance Benefits Fee’s, and any other insurance requirements.
6) All invoices for contractor hours worked will be due within 14 days from date of send.

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Other frequently asked questions:

  • How does EXPECT source candidates? Through our resume database, job postings on the EXPECT network, tapping into our 10,000+ connections on LinkedIn, and through our deep industry connections.
  • Can EXPECT source candidates for other cities? Yes, we service all major US cities, and beyond.
  • What are EXPECT’s unique differentiators, and why should I choose EXPECT over a large national chain? We are owned and operated by engineers with direct industry experience. We are not staffed with throw-away sales reps that don’t know your business & company culture. Most of all, we have an excellent reputation as a business partner to many successful companies. Please see our client reviews here.
  • What is EXPECT’s service guarantee for direct-hires? We offer a standard 90 day prorated guarantee on all placements.  Please ask to see our working agreement for details.
  • What is EXPECT’s service guarantee for contractor staffing? If the contractor does not return to work, or is asked to leave, we will back fill the position right away.  Please ask to see our working agreement for details.

Please see these these short videos to learn more about our service offerings:

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And finally these are some wonderful reviews from our happy clients:

We had a need for some Engineers at our company, and Expect Technical Staffing helped us not only source some wonderful candidates, but also provided us with a superb service experience.  We will definitely be using Expect Technical Staffing for all our future hiring needs.

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