Out Of State Candidates – Are They Really Ready To Make A Big Move?

Out Of State Candidates – Are They Really Ready To Make A Big Move?

Out Of State Candidates – Are They Really Ready To Make A Big Move?

As the competition for engineering and technical staffing heats up, many employers are looking out of state to find their next engineer or technical new hire.  Here in Denver there always seems to be a shortage of good software-related resources (like most large cities in the US), but luckily there are many that would like to move here to enjoy the mild summers and outdoor activities.

Where the rubber meets the road is when a company extends an offer to an out-of-state candidate and the stark realization of packing up a moving truck becomes reality.

Of course, recruiters always hope that the candidates have done their homework on the costs of moving and living in another city, especially if the move is to someplace like Silicon Valley or New York City.  But have they really done this?

Sticker shock sets in when a candidate suddenly realizes that their new pay raise will likely be gobbled up by housing, transportation, and hidden expenses not accounted for.  In most cases, they’ll actually spend more after relocating or fall behind in their first few years until they settle into their new job, neighborhood, lifestyle, and routine.  Therefore it’s really important to sell the new candidate on the perks of the new job and the benefits of relocation.

Be sure to take notes early on what’s causing the candidate to make a move – Is it job satisfaction, lifestyle change, weather?  But more importantly, ask them if they’re really serious about making a move and definitely know the salary range they desire to feel comfortable.

Ask these important questions early in the conversation.  Don’t wait until later.

Questions to ask candidates to gauge their real interest early on are:

– Do they know where they’d like to live?
– Do they have family or friends in the area?
– Have they visited your location in the past?
– During onsite interviews, did they go look at places to live?
– Does your company have a corporate housing contact or contract in place?
– Has the candidate asked for help finding a place to live or have you offered help?
– Have they seriously looked at the costs of moving and cost of living comparison?
– Assistance to make the transition easier? à Be upfront about relocation assistance
– Do you have a list of extended stay hotels, nearby apartments, and real estate agents

This was brief our brief take on Out Of State Candidates and key takeaways. We hope this helped!

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