How Denver Is Positioned To Become America’s Next Tech Hub

How Denver Is Positioned To Become America’s Next Tech Hub

How Denver Is Positioned To Become America’s Next Tech Hub

As a city, Denver has long been associated with mountains, fresh air, and the great outdoors. The Mile High City has all that and then some, but it’s far more than a basecamp for mountain adventures. Colorado consistently has one of the strongest state economy rankings in the nation, and growth in Denver is a major reason why.

The tech industry might not be commonly associated with Denver, but it has been booming in recent years. Last year, the CBRE reported that tech companies took up twice as much downtown real estate as the year before, as at least 22 tech companies began operations in Denver that year. In fact, between 2010 and 2017, the Colorado tech sector exploded by 34%. That’s an increase of almost 30,000 jobs, the vast majority of which are in Denver.

As more and more companies set up shop, tech recruiters in Denver have unsurprisingly seen a sharp increase in demand for skilled tech workers.

Compared to cities like San Francisco and Seattle, Denver is relatively affordable, making it a desirable location for tech start-ups. According to this chart, Denver was home to over 500 million dollars of VC funding last year.

Denver was ranked in the top 5 of a number of polls. Among other accolades, it was named the best place for business and careers (Forbes), the second-best city to start a business (also Forbes), the second-best city for software engineers (Wired), and the third best city to begin a tech career (

With all this growth, it would seem that tech recruiters might have a hard time filling positions, but the opposite is true. The affordability that attracts start-up companies to Denver also attracts skilled tech workers. Even as demand grows, tech recruiters in Denver have had no trouble finding great local talent.

Best of all, Denver has kept the horse before the cart – the recent tech growth is the result of previously laid infrastructure and planning. Denver is already one of the most stable, affordable, livable big cities in America and as the tech industry continues to catch on to this fact, the local start-up scene and the tech industry will continue to grow.

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