New Trends in Tech Recruiting

New Trends in Tech Recruiting

New Trends in Tech Recruiting

The battle lines have been drawn. Tech firms are fiercely competing for top talent and those which have positioned themselves well are winning big, further increasing their chances of success. Technological advancements have opened doors, and now startups and Fin-Techs are easily competing with big firms for similar talents. One challenge that applies to all the firms, whether large or small is the fact that skilled professionals are few in number. Learning the new trends in tech recruiting is one advantage these firms need to know.

What are those trends? This article will outline some of the technological trends that are ruling the tech recruiting.

Big data analysis

Some years back, sourcing talent was a people’s professional but technological advancement has made it a numbers professional. Data is being recognized as the driving force impacting companies when hiring new talent. The increased volumes of data and the speed at which analysis can be done makes big data an important tool to use when searching for talents. Data gives an insight that assists the recruiters to make sound decisions. Talent intelligence utilizes data to make intelligent hiring decisions; and firms which do not embrace these tools risk losing out.

Use of Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) is taking a foothold in recruitment exercises; it is now widely believed that automation can help reduce the cost of hiring employees. Some of the tasks in this exercise are highly repetitive. Take for example, the screening and sorting of resumes, this can be done by technology pretty well; and AI is doing it fast and effectively. The use of AI-enabled recruitment tools helps in the automation of the exercise, leading to quick search and match of the needed talent. All this simplifies the process, leading to greater savings in terms of money and time.

Social media recruitment

The use of social media as a recruitment tool has increased thanks to disruptive force of change. Given that most people are on these platforms, recruiters have a chance to search different profiles including those who are passive candidates. The platforms give the recruiters a wide scope to get the right talent for a given job.

Other tools such as applicant tracking systems and video interviews are making the process of recruitment easy and fast. Firms, whether large or small, need to put their innovative gears on if they are to survive in the battle for the top talents in the tech industry.


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