Technical Engineer Recruiting – Tips to get it right

Technical Engineer Recruiting – Tips to get it right

Technical Engineer Recruiting – Tips to get it right

In today’s vibrant job market, engineering candidates have more choices than ever before. The trouble is zeroing in on top-tier candidates and holding their attention, because with so many choices, the best engineers are often elusive. Remember technical engineer recruiting is not all about finding someone with the right skill set, but more importantly finding someone that mirrors your unique company culture.  So how do you efficiently undertake technical engineer recruiting? 

Think beyond Traditional Recruiting Channels

The chances are that the highly qualified technical engineers are not actively in the job market. Which begs the question: how will you reach this elusive talent pool? It all boils down to meeting them where they’re. Oftentimes that means attending or organizing Hackathons, giving lectures/talks, using side projects, attending engineer-oriented seminars, and so forth. The trick is to think outside the box, or rather in the “technical engineer box.” 

Take Advantage of Employee Referrals and Advocacy Programs to Find Qualified Candidates

According to a recent survey, it takes 120 technical engineer candidates over 23 screens to find one qualified prospect. That’s a lot of resources, time, and money wasted on finding a single candidate. Right out of the block, you can optimize technical engineer recruiting process by placing more emphasis on your employee advocacy or referral program. After all, birds of the same feather flock together. 

Make the Interview Experience Enjoyable

While interviews can help screen out unqualified candidates, you don’t want the experience to scare away top-notch talent. In fact, 86% of engineering candidates fail to turn up to subsequent screenings if the initial interview experience was negative. Instead of treating the process as an administrative task, use it to sell your company. 

Pre-Close your Qualified Candidates

It’s been found that only half of technical engineers candidates accept their offers. That’s why it pays to “pre-close” your candidates so you can ramp up acceptance rate. 

Use a Technical Staffing Agency

Technical engineer recruiting is a time-consuming process that uses valuable resources and money. By hiring a reputable technical staffing agency, you’re exposed to a vast talent-pool and enjoy a streamlined process. An agency literally does all the heavy lifting for you, and hand-picks a selection of the best available engineering talents.

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