Hiring A Specialist? Colorado Technical Recruiters Can Help

Hiring A Specialist? Colorado Technical Recruiters Can Help

Hiring A Specialist? Colorado Technical Recruiters Can Help

Here’s a hypothetical situation for you:

You’re the manager of the Colorado Rockies and it’s the bottom of the ninth in a nationally televised game. Tie ball game, two outs, and nobody on base. Matt Vasgersian sounds like he’s about to have a stroke. It doesn’t get more intense than this.

Your opponent closer – a skilled left-handed finesse pitcher with an elite change-up – waits on the mound.

Next up in the batting order is a veteran utility infielder. He is serviceable in all aspects of the sport but excels at nothing. There’s a good chance he will be outmatched!

On the bench, you have a one-dimensional right-handed slugger who runs slow and can’t field at the major league level. He struggles against right-handed pitching but destroys lefties. Better yet, he is rarely fooled by off-speed pitches. He profiles perfectly against the man on the mound.

You’re probably going to pinch-hit, right?

Let’s say you do. The pitcher then decides to stay away from the strike zone and put your slow pinch hitter on base with a walk. Fortunately, your fourth outfielder is a speedy guy – time to pinch run for your pinch hitter.

In baseball, it is almost always preferable to use a specialist if you have one available – the problem for managers is that they are limited by roster size. It is not possible to keep a player for every situation on the bench, just as it is not possible to change rosters before every game.

What does this have to do with technical recruiting?

Like baseball teams, businesses also benefit from specialists. In fact, when it comes to specialist deployment, Colorado business owners have it much easier than the manager of the Colorado Rockies.

Unlike baseball managers, businesses can optimize their workforce before every project by relying on specialist contract workers. The problem with this is that, on a practical level, it is time-consuming to frequently change personnel and difficult to accurately access the value of outside workers.

That’s where technical recruiters can help.

Sticking with the baseball analogy, technical recruiters are basically the scouts. They identify and access talent, and look for situations where they are likely to succeed. Scouts work for the managers while also maintaining a vested interest in seeing scouted players succeed. Technical recruiters serve a similar function in the workplace, working for both employer and employee and creating situations where both parties can succeed.

this was our brief take on on hiring specialists at your company and how technical recruiters colorado can help you.

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